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Interior Design Singapore: 7 Hot Renovation Ideas in 2024

Obtaining your preferred aesthetic is a major part of accomplishing your dream home. Whether you've just moved into a BTO, or you're looking to renovate an older place, interior design is a vital part of the process. At Eight Design, we're ready to help make your...

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HDB 5 Room Renovation: 5 Styles to Pick For Your New Home

After you've managed to secure your new HDB or BTO Flat, your next step will be furnishing it and transforming it into your dream home. It's vital to take the time to think about the aesthetic that suits you and your family. That's when you'll need to consult an...

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HDB 4-Room Renovation: 5 Affordable Looks For Your Dream Home

Renovating a 4-room HDB flat can be both exciting and daunting. More and more first-time house owners are finding themselves moving in for the first time, and it can be overwhelming to work with a contractor and build your dream home. A significant portion of people...

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