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Interior Design Reviews (Singapore)

interior design reviews singapore for skilled interior designers
interior design projects by Eight Design

Eight Design offers interior design services that are affordable and aesthetically pleasing. We employ the best interior designers and renovation contractors in Singapore to help turn your dreams into reality.

Choosing the best interior designer for your business or home renovation project isn’t easy. We offer interior design and renovation contractor services for both residential and commercial properties. At Eight Design, we pride ourselves as a top interior design firm that provides affordable interior design and space planning across Singapore.

Get the best renovation contractors and top interior designers for your residential and commercial projects today.

My office renovation was done very smoothly, they were able to execute it according to what we want. Moreover, they delivered well as we had a very tight timeline during the festive season. Communication was a breeze as they will update us on a regular basis. They were also able to meet the many requirements of our building regulations and act fast upon any comments that were given on the same day. Great job to the team especially Monday Sing and Kah Jie.

Siti Khaliesah

Solid service from Eight Design Team. Peter and Monday had a strong attention to detail and guided us throughout the entire renovation process. More importantly, they were able to complete the entire reno work before the agreed date.

Karen Tan

My family engaged Monday and Darrell with our home renovation, and we could not have been any happier. In terms of service, they are very professional and had stayed true to all their promises. They were very attentive to our design requests and were able to suggest many good options while accommodating to our preferences. They also did not hesitate to go the extra mile in helping us source for various items that we needed for the renovation.

Workmanship was of top standard, and they are very quick to rectify any defects (all were minor) that we have pointed out.

The speed of renovation also exceeded our expectations – they have completed the renovation quicker than we had initially planned for.

Overall, my extended family have compared our experiences with other IDs that they have dealt with, and we all agree that Eight Design was the easiest to deal. Highly recommended!

Jonathan Chew

Alvin and Monday were very patient with my requests. Willing to go the extra mile! Told them my expectations on “straight lines” and they met them! Most importantly they admit to mistakes and won’t give any excuses, unlike other ID firms that I met before. Thumbs up for this honest guys!

Good workmanship, own factory to produce unlike others that sub to another factory, own electricians, good prompt replies, met my schedules willing to listen to client and honest!

Probably the best IDs I met!


I recently wrapped up my renovation project with Becky, and I’d like to share a brief review of my experience.

Becky is a designer with a distinct vision and a strong sense of style. Throughout the process, she brought a lot of her own ideas to the table, which added a unique touch to the final result.

I’m pleased to note that the renovation was completed promptly, which was a big plus for me. Additionally, Becky and her team were highly responsive to my needs and requests throughout the process. This aspect of their service made the journey much smoother.

I appreciated their dedication to their vision and their willingness to collaborate. It’s clear that they are passionate about their work and committed to achieving a great outcome.

Kok Feng Liaw

I was lucky enough to have one of the best designer ED has. SinYee and Hooi Peng in the beginning and Paul also helped out in the end to make sure work continues when one of them is on leave. I must say they work very well as a team so the entire process is smooth and seamless for me. HP was very flexible to accommodate the our requirements and changes along the way and yet the timeline was plan was executed very smoothly and successfully so we could move in to our new home as per our plan.

Pricing wise, very reasonable as compared to other IDs we have shortlisted.

Yu Lim

Eight Design was picked among the many because of the number of projects they have handled. Our renovations was handled by Alvin and HP. From the start of the first meeting, they were very willing to follow up closely with our requirements unlike others who feel that we were having a low budget. Numerous meetings were held until a final conceptual design meeting our requirements were finalised and deposit was made followed by an official quotation and agreement. All process was made very legal and without issues

From the start of the renovation, either HP or Alvin was at site to follow through and each of our feedback during the 2 months were taken very positively and corrected immediately. Along the way some additional changes were made and they accommodated our request. Alvin and HP were also professional to see through other coordination with other suppliers which we have arranged. They were also instrumental in providing their advice ok some areas of design which turn out more favourable than our own proposal. At the end of the project before handover, some small request for fit up services such as security cameras etc were rendered, I am sure most clients will be very happy to note this.

Eight Design have a team of good experienced workers including their electrician who knows their job well. I would feel families looking for an interior design team will be happy with Eight Design.

Thanks again to Alvin and HP

N Y Tim

Recently completed our home renovation with Ron Tan and his team. It’s a hassle-free, high-quality and well organized experience.

From the beginning to the end, Ron showed his professionalism. He was patient and assisted when we changed our minds throughout the process. He was good at listening and gave us professional advice at the same time. After the project started, the progress was updated frequently, and each stage was completed within the estimated time frame. Pricing is also very transparent and reasonable with no hidden markups. The follow-up after the renovation was also quick and effective. Ron is always very cooperative and helpful. It’s worth mentioning that their carpentry work is of very high quality.

We are delighted to have chosen the services of Eight design and especially Ron Tan, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ron and everyone who contributed in this project, look forward to working together again, and we highly recommend them to any future homeowners!

Tan Mag

Silei from Eight Design is an experienced, committed and very reliable ID. Our renovation required some structural knowledge, and we’re blessed to have Silei around to advise us with his technical expertise. His response time is super fast, and he takes the initiative to update us frequently on the renovation progress, giving us peace of mind. His good temper and patience makes him very easy to work with. Most important of all, he delivers what he promised, in both quality and timeline. Highly recommended!


Will like to thank the ID, Daniel, for his help in doing our wet kitchen at our house around Dec last year, even though the schedule was a bit tight. There was a bit of delay due to the weather but he managed to get it done before CNY.


Kelvin Tan

Darrell is professional and really kind. He is always able to listen to customer’s concerns and provide ideas+solutions. The workers are detail oriented and able to complete all work with high quality. The renovation schedule arranged by Darrell is smooth, jobs were done with high efficiency and completed ahead of our target date. Highly recommended ID, special thanks to Darrell!


Rong Xiaobo

A big thumbs up to Alvin and Hooi Peng on their professionalism and resourcefulness over the design and fit-out phases. They are meticulous in managing the tight schedules and well-prepared for every meetup. High level of transparency in pricing invoice, 3D presentation and candid feedback resulted in a very satisfactory experience throughout our renovation journey with Eight Design. Sincere thanks to them for delivering a design outcome both functional and aesthetically clean that my family now get to enjoy in our new home.

Designers are engaging and understand our design inclinations and style. Continual communication and articulation through 3D drawing revisions helped to achieve the eventual satisfactory outcome.

Quality workmanship with inhouse carpenters. Good control of timelines for carpentry works, and high quality materials used.

Great personalised service by Designers whom worked in pairs. Very resourceful and flexible in handling dynamic situations.

Value for Money
Competitive pricing with good quality materials used. Cabinetry built standard with wood-patterned inner lining (not plain white). In certain instances, Designers went the extra mile to source for OEM materials to existing cabinetry provided by condo developer.


We decided to engage Daniel Ho from Eight Design after discussing with several interior designers. We were captivated by Daniel’s sincerity, flexibility, adaptable and open-mindset to new design styles and ideas. Daniel is really patient and knowledgeable from design concept, space planning, different materials and color selection. Knowing our tight schedule, Daniel helped us make selections in a timely manner and explained the reason for his choices. Daniel also keep a close track on our budget. Some stuffs he felt was a waste of money, he’ll genuinely suggest alternative solutions to deliver the best results and save costs for us.

Most importantly, Daniel’s enthusiasm and seamless coordination skills is absolutely impressive. From daily updates on the progress, ensure every screws and bolts are in the right place, hands-on to do the manual work, and getting himself dirty and sweaty with his workers. He even makes the extreme effort to drop by my house at 12am to make sure work has been done as scheduled, windows are closed and lights are properly switched off. We’ll heartily recommend Daniel to anyone expressing a serious interest for interior designer.

Not forgetting Eight Design dedicate in-house group of skillful carpenters and electricians for delivering such meticulous work for our home. A wrong choice of ID can bring nightmare. From the bottom of our hearts, we would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude to Daniel and Eight Design’s amazing team for your superb work. May God Bless You and Your Families!

As indicated in review
Daniel is really patient and knowledgeable from design concept, space planning, different materials and color selection. Knowing our tight schedule, Daniel helped us make selections in a timely manner and explained the reason for his choices.

As indicated in review
Eight Design dedicate in-house group of skillful carpenters and electricians for delivering such meticulous work for our home

As indicated in review
Daniel’s enthusiasm and seamless coordination skills is absolutely impressive. From daily updates on the progress, ensure every screws and bolts are in the right place, hands-on to do the manual work, and getting himself dirty and sweaty with his workers. He even makes the extreme effort to drop by my house at 12am to make sure work has been done as scheduled, windows are closed and lights are properly switched off.

Value for Money
As indicated in review
Daniel also keep a close track on our budget. Some stuffs he felt was a waste of money, he’ll genuinely suggest alternative solutions to deliver the best results and save costs for us.

Maggie Teo

Nurul was introduced to me by a family member who had had had some work done from Eight Design previously. She took on my small contract on short notice and also helped me source a renovation loan, which was much appreciated. Generally, the work was cpmpleted on time with minimal fuss. She was flexible about adjusting the plan as unexpected issues came up and the work was completed just slightly above budget. They liased with the MCST of my Condo professionally.

G kaur

Daniel is reliable and provided excellent service and support throughout the whole process. His professionalism and extra mile that he is willing to render had given me great support and ease of mind. If you are looking at renovating your place, look for Daniel!! tks bro!!

Cem Sim

Look for Ron from Eight Design, this is our 2nd time engaging Ron for our home. Ron listens to what we need. Rectifies issues as soon as possible. We are satisfied with Eight Design’s services.

Muhammad Firdaus Abdul Karim

Huda was our ID who guided us in the renovation of our first ever BTO. Huda was a pleasant ID to deal with and gave her inputs to all our proposed ideas. Our reno was done in 3 weeks and we were given frequent updates on the progress of our house. My husband and I are very thankful for the smooth renovation journey with Eight Design 🙂


We would like to take this opportunity to say a Big thank you to Eight Design and their team for their professional and efficient works done for my house renovation.

Especially thanks to my ID Sophia and Patrick for the design we requested, it was well designed and we liked it! Their efficiency and the promptness in accommodating to our needs to complete our house renovation on time too!

Patrick is always responsive whenever we have queries about the design, materials, etc and always keep us updated of every stage of the work process. The schedule was well planned and the contractors works were satisfactory.

Even after the renovation was done, Patrick would help us to follow up with the contractors to fix some minor issue in our house. Really appreciated of his great help!

Overall we are satisfied of our house renovation works and our appreciation to Eight Design and the team for their professionalism, well coordination with all the contractors and ensured the progress were completed within our frame.

Thank you once again to Eight Design and the team, Sophia and Patrick for their services and helping us achieved a desired comfortable living dream home, great job and keep it up!!

Ng Mee Fong

We engaged Clement from Eight Design through recommendation to renovate our new home. Clement and work partner Ryan gave good advices throughout the renovation period, we are very pleased with the beautiful design, good workmanship and the whole end results. Clement is very responsible in his follow up to resolve queries and touch ups after we moved in. Thanks Clement and Ryan from the great job done!

Chan Seow Wai

My wife and I would like to say a great thank you to Jayden and Becky from Eight Design for the fantastic work they have done for our kitchen renovation! They were attentive to details, helped follow up with any issues found, and were helpful and involved during the course of renovation. The design fits to what we wanted and they responded to whatever requests we may make during the reno. Highly recommended Jayden and Becky for their enthusiasm, friendliness and great working attitude!

Samson Ong

Many thanks to Eight Design’s Linda Lu and team including Chia Wei and Xavier who brought our dream home to life! We have moved in for a year already and absolutely enjoying our new home. Kudos to Linda for bringing in a good team of carpentry, electrical, tiling and plastering who all gave us good quality work. See the before (previous owner) and now photos! Once again, many thanks Eight Design and Linda our ID!


People around me always commented that “renovation is a daunting nightmare”. However, our office renovation (which was completed in Dec 2021) turned out to be a breeze, all attributed to the awesome project managers who took on our project – Darrell and Nicholas from Eight Design.

Both Darrell and Nicholas are extremely customer-oriented. From the inception of the project to the handover, both of them made it a point to be on-site regularly to ensure smooth work progress. They have provided us with regular and detailed updates on the work progress through phone calls, pictures and videos. The best part is: they are always contactable (even on weekends, wee hours or public holidays). Darrell has a very good practice of responding to a missed call with a text message, further assuring us that he will return call once he is available. He is just so patient and responsive; he entertains even our most trivial requests, even after handover.

As ours is a large-scale $500,000 commercial project, there is massive carpentry work and the entire renovation took us 4 months. As expected, in any renovation project, hiccups are bound to happen along the way owing to unexpected site conditions – ours only surfaced after demolition works. Darrell and Nicholas are quick in highlighting site issues, making sure we are duly informed and consulted for making any changes before execution. Given their experience and technical competency, Darrell and Nicholas are able to promptly propose alternative solutions to address and resolve site issues, keeping in mind our overall budget. In particular, Nicholas pays great attention to details. With him around, you can be certain that site works will be resolved without compromising on quality.

Also, Darrell and Nicholas spotted a water leakage issue in our ceiling, which was likely caused by leaking pipes in the unit above ours. They went to the extra mile to approach our MCST and even convinced the MCST to carry out a re-work when the initial rectification work did not meet up to expectations. Their positive attitude further assured us that our project is in good hands.

Overall, our renovation project was very well-coordinated. We highly commend Darrell and Nicholas for their professionalism and outstanding service. We would also like to thank the in-house Carpenter Team for their quality workmanship. Keep up the good work, Darrell, Nicholas and Team!
Mrs Ng

I would like to put in writing and express my gratitude and appreciation to our dedicated ID Ms Nurul and and her team in Eight Design PTE LTD for the stellar workmanship in transforming my newly purchased flat into a dream home.

Eight design PTE LTD had delivered as promised and thou, there were shortcomings in terms of materials, but it was not within our control due to deadlines and other factors, Nurul provide us with other alternatives and solutions. Kudos.

Visualizing and Conceptualizing the design in 3D was a slendid idea but what intrigued me was the final outcome of the renovation works. Thou with personal preferences and changes discussed during the renovation process, I still get to see my dream house turning out almost similar as the 3D.

It was a smooth 2 months of renovation works up till the handover stage.

My wife and I are very comfortable working with her as we find her very patient and a good listener.

Constantly giving us updates with pictures for clarity of any issues arising during the course of renovation works on the WhatsApp platform, responding to calls and messages even on weekends and late night, portrays her dedication and commitment to her work.

Giving professional feedback or views on any particular concern of ours that was raised to her. Appropriate recommendations that she have set her sight on to meet our lifestyle and the expectations of our dream home.
We thank Nurul for spending time with us , for the design meetup, selection of materials and always there on site to be ‘our eyes’ since both of us are busy working.

You are our One-stop and Go to person for our future renovations. (The alley with light sensors).

We wish you all the best and continue making more families happy with your captivating designs.

Ryhan and Shidah

Hooi Peng and the team from Eight Design did a good job renovating our condo unit. Always patient, polite and responsive, Hooi Peng attends to our questions and requests, sometimes works late into nights to address any concerns we have. She is also able to really think from our perspective. Being overwhelmed by the tons of work during renovation and other stuff, Hooi Peng’s presence brings assurance. Thumbs up for the good work!

Ming Ji

I would like to put in writing and express my gratitude and appreciation to our dedicated ID Ms Nurul and and her team in Eight Design PTE LTD for the stellar workmanship in transforming my newly purchased flat into a dream home.

Eight design PTE LTD had delivered as promised and thou, there were shortcomings in terms of materials, but it was not within our control due to deadlines and other factors, Nurul provide us with other alternatives and solutions. Kudos.

Visualizing and Conceptualizing the design in 3D was a slendid idea but what intrigued me was the final outcome of the renovation works. Thou with personal preferences and changes discussed during the renovation process, I still get to see my dream house turning out almost similar as the 3D.

It was a smooth 2 months of renovation works up till the handover stage.

My wife and I are very comfortable working with her as we find her very patient and a good listener.

Constantly giving us updates with pictures for clarity of any issues arising during the course of renovation works on the WhatsApp platform, responding to calls and messages even on weekends and late night, portrays her dedication and commitment to her work.

Giving professional feedback or views on any particular concern of ours that was raised to her. Appropriate recommendations that she have set her sight on to meet our lifestyle and the expectations of our dream home.
We thank Nurul for spending time with us , for the design meetup, selection of materials and always there on site to be ‘our eyes’ since both of us are busy working.

You are our One-stop and Go to person for our future renovations. (The alley with light sensors).

We wish you all the best and continue making more families happy with your captivating designs.

Ryhan and Shidah

A HUGE THANK YOU to our ID Aaron for setting up our outlet at WWP! Aaron was very responsive and responsible throughout and followed through the project closely and meticulously to ensure that we could open in time! Aaron even went the extra mile to get our licences ready for opening. Their workmanship and service definitely exceeded our expectations, and the team very promptly rectified any small faults after that. Highly recommended, you won’t regret trusting them with your renovation!


I like to say a BIG Thanks You to our ID, KJ for designing a very comfortable home for my family 😊

Choosing the ‘right’ ID/company is never an easy task. KJ has been very patient, listening to our requirements, understanding what matter to us most. He is the deciding factor that convince us to choose Eight.

Quality is great and We love how the house turned out.   Please engage KJ highly recommended.

Doris Toh

I would like to extend my compliments to Sophia and Alvin, our assigned interior designer who have been our side along our renovation journey. Sophia has excellent taste and resources. She gone the extra mile to understand our tastes and preferences. It was comfortable for me and my husband working our ideas with her as she was always calm and shared her opinions with us. She led us in new and different directions that provided beautiful solutions. Alvin was very responsive and took a lot of initiative updating and engaging us throughout the renovation journey. Alvin did not only just share consistent updates without prompting, but he also addresses issues and queries quickly and effectively, that includes our last minutes request. Both Sophia and Alvin are truly gifted interior designer who have helped us realize our aspirations and our dream home was achieved.

Thank you, Eight Design, especially Kudos to Sophia and Alvin for the excellent job!

Michelle Go

Renovation, regardless big or small projects required much work from planning, sourcing, contacts, permits and many more. Therefore getting a reliable Renovation company is critical. The ID played a critical role and in our case we are so fortunate to have Linda from 8 Design Pte Ltd. She understands our requirements, proposing and gave suggestions to us. This will help to broaden our scope and options for more selection. She coordinated all the contractors and ensured the progress and the timeline in check. The challenges in the midst of renovation and how Linda able to resolve the issues promptly. We are truly satisfied with the final outcome. The quality, the speed, the trust and respects are the contributing success in choosing 8 Design. – The Ng Family

Joseph Ng

I would like to thank Nurul Huda in helping us to transform our old boring kitchen cabinet to a new fresh mordernized one! She is so patience handling our request(even at night we did msg her)especially to my mum as she is very fussy coz its her fav spot in d house. We are very satisfied with d work n her professionalism in her job..Kudos Nurul!! We are lovin our new purple kitchen Pls engaged her,u wont regret it

Shalfarina Rahim

I would like to thank our ID, Nurul Huda for doing a fantastic job in making my dream home a reality🥰. Her efficiency and promptness in accommodating to my needs, play a great role in ensuring that the renovation work is completed swiftly. It is a really a blessing engaging her as our ID. Kudos to Nurul and her team!👏👏💐

Suriyanti Said

This is my first HDB home and I would say I am VERY fussy in choosing the ID firm to tick all my requirement boxes before we signed up. We started our planning journey early to make sure we know what we wanted before discussing with our ID.

I found Eight Design from hometrust.sg. They have glowing reviews and their design aesthetics are somewhat what we are looking for. We were first served by Darrell and found him very polite, attentive and has customer-oriented mindset. Subsequently, we even managed to visit one of their works and were very impressed with the quality of their carpentry workmanship. After a few meetings with him and his partner, Nicholas to finalize the quotations, we decided to sign and take up the package with Eight Design and having Darrell and Nicholas as our IDs.

As our main contact, Darrell took effort to be on the site regularly to ensure the progress of the renovation went smoothly. He would check every minor details with us to make sure the aesthetics and functionality were what we wanted. He left me with good impression as someone who was also extremely helpful when he came down assisting me open up all wooden frames of my Taobao purchase and checking their qualtiies. Afterwards, he also helped in clearing the space which I was very grateful for. Not only that, he also liased with some of our 3rd party vendors to make sure the dimension and installation were fit into place.

The project was completed in about 3 months and we are very grateful to Darrell and Nicholas for delivering our cozy home. Thank you Darrell and Nicholas

Julia Lim

We would like to thanks Hooi Peng and Alvin plus the lady boss Carin from Eight Design for the job well done for my mum and bro new house renovation. Both the lead designers Hooi Peng & Alvin are very patience and listen to what we need although there are several changes and challenges that we need along the way and they accede to all our requests especially the short timeline that they are able to fulfill us so that my mum can move into the new house fast without any unnecessary delay.

The quality and design of the house are up to standard and beyond our expectations and we would recommend anyone who want to have their house complete makeover or renovation, Eight Design is definitely your best choice.


Definitely will recommend Eight Design to my family and friends. They are the only firm I come across after visiting so many ID firms. They really listen to my needs and cater to what my budget can do. I met Eric for my first appointment and he really convince me for what he can do for me base on my needs and budget. He appointed his sales person Alvin to coordinate all my renovation work and Alvin was very attentive and listen to all my small details.

Although he was still new in this Industy but I can feel that he really willing to learn and he also really help me through alot of things and also he will keep me posted for every job and work has been done. Overall my house is ready to move in and very happy with Eight Design for walking me through for all the renovation work and small details. Really appreciate for all the guides and helps and really a very big thank you to Alvin and Eric.

Jennifer How

Daniel and Sophia were our picks from Eight Design.

Daniel is very approachable and easy to speak to, and sensitive to our requirements. He is easily contactable for any issues during and even after the completion of the project.

Sophia has an eye for design and instinctively knows what design we want. She seems high experienced and very meticulous in detail. This was evident when she pointed out many areas for touch-up, even those we missed out on.

Overall, the experience with Eight Design was pleasant. During this difficult time, they managed to get the project completed timely with only an insignificant delay. Most of the work was professionally done, and areas with issues were patched up very timely. Highly recommend working with Daniel and Sophia.

Yihong Lin

We chose Eight Design after getting quotes from many companies. We decided upon Eight Design immediately once we met Clement who was very passionate about his work and the one thing we admired about him was his willingness to try new things and his unique character to never say no to anything. For him, everything is doable and that positive energy is extremely praiseworthy! He promised us that our reno will be done in a month despite it being the circuit breaker time and he delivered as he promised 2 days before the deadline. The workmanship was of superior quality and the thing that clearly won our unanimous praise was the design of our pooja room. Everyone who has come to visit our house is really impressed by the workmanship! Only praises for Clement for facilitating us to move into our new house! You are a star!

Mihir Gudi

It was with great pleasure to have Kah Jie (KJ) help with the renovation of our new place. He was of great help while answering questions we had and made our renovation journey enjoyable. We liked how the house design turned out and will recommend KJ for future projects to our friends and families!

Chelsey Soh

We have little time in renovating my apartment, but we also not to compromise in the design. Enquired all the good rating IDs. I have noticed Eight design provides clear quote and also their suggestion in cutting-down the unnecessary requirements. I like their agility in finishing the work. We got renovated on time. Thanks to Eight design and designer Chia Wei for helping us to renovate my house. I was quite unhappy with shape we got our house from previous Owner, with good renovation we feel happy and with new look.

HariBabu Tallapaneni

I would like to thank Aaron and teams for a job well done. We needed to relocate our current office and decided to engage Eight Design for the renovation project.

Aaron was very attentive to details and came up with professional advise and suggestions. He planned and designed our new office look and showed us a 3D design before the start of the project.

During the renovation, Aaron and team executed the work according to schedule and updated us on the progress promptly. Due to Covid-19 we face some issues such as short of manpower but Aaron and teams managed to help us get the renovation complete as per scheduled. We like the new look of our office. It was much more spacious and cosier compared to my old office.

I will gladly recommend his services to my contacts and I look forward to working with Aaron again!

Irene Chong

Brandon is patient and able to cater my needs inside the overall design. Schedule on the renovation is accurate and finish earlier then expected. Some minor issue during the renovation which is common and able to resolve it in record time. Specially love the display cabinet quality. Cost wise, I have compared with a few firms,  may not be the cheapest or most expensive, but the sincerity and responsive of the designer win me over.

Overall happy with the services render by Brandon and keep up the good work!

Allen Yew

We only did partial renovation for our new place due to timeline issue. Brandon was helpful in providing detailed timeline for the whole project so we could plan our furniture purchase and moving date accordingly. He’s also very responsive whenever we have queries about the design, materials etc and provided good advice to help us save some cost. Even after the renovation is done, he would help to follow up the contractors to fix some minor issues in our house. Good service in overall.

Jacy Lai

Did a partial renovation to replace some defects. A lot of coordination and detail needed to ensure some existing parts are not damaged. My ID Alvin provided relevant suggestions and follows up closely on the schedule which was completed in time. Not those that will ask u to change everything. Sub cons are also very skill and experience. Overall , happy with the services and workmanship! Happy with my ‘new’ home now!

Jeannie Ang

Was introduced to Eight by a relative to renovate my bathroom. Alvin provided good advice catering to my needs and budget. The company also accommodated my timeline and all worked towards completing it in time. The schedule was well planned and the contractors work were satisfactory. I changed my toilet tiles and Wc. Alvin accompanied me to the bathroom accessories store to get my items and provided practical suggestions.

Yuan Yuan

A very nice designer that made me and my wife dream come true having a new home. Truly passionate interior designer that never fails to meet our needs. Smooth journey despite the pandemic. Managed to stay within timeline and very responsive team. Workers are professional and helpful. They are mindful of their behavior so as to minimize any inconvenience to the neighborhood and also worked hard to stick to the timeline as close as possible. Result of final completed product was as seen in 3D drawings. Looks amazing. Overall experience was good and value for money.

Kelvin Chin

We have engaged BRANDON TAN of eight design to do up our house in 2021, We selected this company as they have their own carpentry factory. Brandon is a good nature, soft spoken, young designer without so much of a temper even though we took it on him due to delay cause by the pandemic which is of no fault of his, but he is still manage to hand over on the second schedule on time. He was there when our air conditioner installation to determine the best way and route to run the pipe with our own appointed air conditioner supplier cum installer. He was also there for the delivery of tiles, lights, sanitary wares n etc. He is very responsible and creative. We are happy with his services provided.

Doreen Yap

Kah Jie did a great job with my home renovation from planning, advisory to execution. He was always prompt, professional and patient when it came to educating and answering my multiple queries given that it was my first time in the process. Although my renovation works were minor he took the time and effort in ensuring that the workmanship was good and I have had alot of positive comments from my friends about my home. Thank you Kah Jie and Eight Design.

Kah Jie

A great shoutout to Clement and Ryan. Our nest is a complete home with their creativity and meticulous follow up. We do not have the typical, every house same design as they listened to our needs to design something different. They are always checking on the renovation progress and updating us promptly that gives us a piece of mind. No doubts about their ideas and workmanship. Will definitely recommend them to my friends. Thank you Clement and Ryan for designing our Home Sweet Home.

Kelly Tee

We are so delighted having Linda as our ID for our new home managed by Her. She was very patient, responsible, friendly and attentive to our all requirements throughout the whole entire process, from first meet up to commencement of work and completion. She listened to our need, concerns and has a very good taste in Modern contemporary design for our home. Overall, she is very professional, we have a super good experience with Linda we highly recommend her and Eight Design to you guys!

Ding Dang

This is the first time we have engaged an ID and I must say that it has been a pleasant and happy experience for us. Nurul from Eight Designs helped us with design and renovation and was very attentive to our needs and was able to design a quality home that was exactly what we envisioned. We were able to move in on our desired date, the timing was tight, thanks to their efficient work the move in was smooth and most of the work was completed by move in date. Will definitely recommend to friends and family!

LishArissa Ng

We are satisfied with the renovation job managed by Linda. She was very helpful and attentive to our requirements throughout the whole renovation process till completion and subsequent service recovery. Although problems did arise, we are pleased with the way Eight Design listened to our concerns and resolved the issues in a very professional way. Overall, a good experience with Linda and Eight Design. Keep up the good work!

Calvin Wong

It is with much pleasure that I write this letter thanking Danson Loh and Kah Jie from Eight Design for their continued dedication and excellent services.

The service that they provide is second to nope and the work is always impeccable.

Throughout the entire process, they managed the various projects and the associated craftsmen effectively. Danson listened to our concerns and took care of every one of them in a timely and efficient manner. He also took the time out of his busy schedule to talk with us regarding construction, electrical, paint, and other issues. They have always gone above and beyond expectations on the project.

We are pleased with the results of the renovation work. You and your team turned an ordinary-looking HDB into an exquisite minimalistic design condominium that we are proud to share.

Every part of the process is pleasant and the end results fantastic.

Thank you again for an excellent job.

Sam Jie Ren

Positive: Punctuality, Responsiveness

We did our HDB 5room unit renovation with Eight Design. The project was handled by ID Clement and Ryan.
Both Clement and Ryan had helped us to oversee the entire reno and ensure completion on time (given quite a tight work schedule).
Special Thank to Clement. Clement had really helped us with all details from the beginning to the end of project. We were impressed by Clement’s interior drawings, that helped us to visualise the concepts etc.
The post reno support was also well managed. Both Clement and Ryan responded promptly and fast action on all touch up and to do. Any discrepancies, Clement attended to us personally. He handled it professionally and objectively. We were glad that Clement had helped us through this reno journey.

Our Overall experience with Clement is definitely 👍  positive. Thank you Clement and Ryan.


Eight Design is definitely an Interior Design company that ensures professionalism is in placed to ensure the expectation of the customer is met.
Nurul, my house designer, walked through the journey with me to help me create my dream home with my fiance. Nurul carefully listened to our preference and understood the design that we were looking at.
There were a few things that I left for her to decide and to my surprise, whatever that she chose was really amazing where it matched perfectly to what we wanted.
Nurul was also very helpful and very patient with us when we had a few ideas in the kitchen. Despite a few changes, Nurul was always on standby to advise us on our decision. This really helps as she was the better person to imagine the outcome. We knew we could trust Nurul.
We met a few times to discuss the planning and Nurul personally brought me to select the tiles and some household appliances where she had recommended to me.
The journey was very easy as Nurul and the vendors communicated in making arrangements to have everything done smoothly such as delivery dates, fixing, etc.
All I know was that we were updated by them where I really appreciate it as I and my fiance were always kept in the loop.
The vendors recommended were also very friendly and ever-ready to assist me in my queries.
There were a few times that I met the people who work for Eight Design, from them doing the electrical work to painting and the carpenters as well. They were all professional and they really live up to the expectations.
If you are looking for a headache-free renovation, Eight Design is highly recommended!
Lynndy Aslinda

Impossible to Possible Dream Home
We were trying very hard to get a good interior company as we have tight budget and timeline. Everyone quoted very high and we almost lost hope. We happened to chance upon Eight Design which we never heard before. We just gave it a try and went for consultation. Nurul Huda was the designer whom was assigned to us. After the consultation, we felt relived as there was still hope with our budget and timeline. Huda was very patient with my last minute changes and amendments needed by me. She was prompt in updating on the progress of our renovation. Me being a difficult client, she still managed my expectation and delivered to what I have expected. Kudos to her commitment and dedication to her work and made impossible to possible dream home for me and my family. I would definitely recommend to others. Thank you.
Mohammed Noor

We approached Eight Design for our renovation, as we had seen great reviews for this firm.Since our first visit, Kah Jie (KJ) had been very active in terms of contact. We liked his proactive nature, which compelled us to go forward with our renovation with Eight Design. Throughout this entire process, KJ was very responsive to our ideas and gave suggestions to ensure that our house looked cohesive and classy. This was especially important, as we had various ideas of feature walls given the large amount of blank wall space we had. Our renovation works faced interruptions due to the COVID-19 situation. Despite these extenuating circumstances, KJ ensured that our renovations were of good quality, taking into account our feedback along the way. Thanks to his hard work, we now have a beautiful house we are proud to call home!

Mala Acharya

“I must give compliment to their Project Managers, Darrell and Nicholas.”

We like to take this opportunity to thank Eight Design Pte Ltd for our recently renovated office. We went around looking for different contractors and finally came to a conclusion with Eight Design. First of all, their boss personally came down for most of our on-site meeting and discussion. We could see that they were serious about this project when they appointed 2 Project Managers (Darrell and Nicholas) from their company to supervise the renovation works every day.

We have a tight timeline to get the renovation completed within 3 months. Eight Design was very confident, we were very worried. BUT, they delivered earlier than the 3 months agreement according to our expectation. We can see that they really put their customers first and they only commit to something when they are sure they can do it.

I must give compliment to their Project Managers, Darrell and Nicholas. My team and I have a lot of great dynamics and chemistry working with them. Most importantly, they can be pushed. They are on site almost every other day and when we look for them. Now that the project is over, my staff have become friends with them. This is what it’s all about. Of course, there will be some small minor touch up that needs to be done, Darrell and Nicholas are still available anytime we call them and they will arrange for touch up work to be done asap. It’s very hard to find project managers who are so committed and responsible even though they are just an employee of the company.

Overall, we are very happy with the renovation works with Eight Design Pte Ltd. Thank you.

Tan Jian Ming

“The level of service that Ivan extended to Wendy & myself were far beyond our expectations.”

Would like to commend Ivan Lau of Eight Design Pte Ltd for the excellent service he provided throughout the design phase, discussion, to the renovation process. In my opinion, the level of service that Ivan extended to Wendy & myself were far beyond our expectations.

Never before have I written such letter unsolicited. However, in this case I was so impressed by his professional service that I felt compelled to go on record with our praises. At a time where exceptional one-to-one customer service excellence has virtually disappeared, the work that Ivan and largely his attitude should be held as an example for others.

What particularly invoked me to write this letter is his down-to-earth attitude and honesty. Never have I imagine putting the word honesty and Interior Designer or contractor on the same page and that says a lot. Wendy & myself believe it was simply the team’s as well as the company’s extraordinary commitment to excellence in customer service and support that motivated them to always go the extra mile. This gave us; especially myself a thankful heart and gratitude for service well rendered and choosing Eight Design Pte Ltd

Finally, I believe that Ivan Lau deserve to be congratulated and rewarded for providing customer service and support well beyond the expectations of his customers.

To Ivan – We just wanted you to know how much you are valued and appreciated.

AG Andy

“Homely design”

I engaged Aaron from 8 design for my house reno, we love his design, modern, stylish and very homely, he gave good suggestions and practical advice during the discussion, no pushy feeling, a very comfortable guy to work with. And the finished work is exactly the same as the proposed drawings which I am very happy with. Though there were some hiccups during the reno but he fixed the issues quickly, reno work finished earlier than promised date, good work Aaron and thanks for the effort! My kids love our home a lot 🙂

Gina Ng

“Can’t wait for the next journey with Linda at Eight Design”

Overall experience was great! From meet up for first time till work is completed! It could be better if I have the whole hse done up 😆

Linda has provided her expertise, advising us despite of the timeline during the rush. She has been very super patient with me and my mom especially me! Whenever I have question, Linda has always been there to feedback and response.

Can’t wait for the next journey with Linda at Eight Design 🙂

Yes of course! I would recommend Linda and her company. From price to design, I’m satisfied!

Nurul Nabilah Daing Sulaiman

“Big Thanks to Kah Jie of Eight Design!”

It’s coming to almost 2 months since we’ve moved into our new home designed and built by Kah Jie of Eight Design, and till now we’ve still no renovation regrets and loving every bit of our home! We went through about 5 quotes from various ID firms and finally settled on Eight Design as their quotation was reasonably priced and KJ was responsive right from the 1st appointment. He was prompt with replies and gave sound suggestions on furniture choices and dimensions of appliances/ furniture that we should get. He also consulted us on even the smallest details, and kept us updated of the reno progress. Knowing that we have a deadline to meet, he ensured that our reno was done on schedule in good time, without compromising on quality. Many contractors have stepped into our home and praised its contemporary design and quality of workmanship as well. Thank you KJ for your hard work and your professionalism, we would certainly recommend you to our friends and family!

Rosalind Chng

“Excellent Interior Design with Awesome IDs”

Went through just a few ID firms and decided to engage Eight Design as the ID, Issac we met was friendly and innovative. Just as any renovation, there were hiccups along the way, however, our IDs, Issac and Darrell were able to resolve them in an efficient manner. Both of them are very responsible, they went extra miles to help us get things done in many occasions. I am very happy to stay at my dream house because of the good work they have done.

JQ Zhang

“Professional and committed team that delivers quality work on schedule”

Our company engaged Eight Design for our new office renovation project back in Oct/Nov 2019 – overseen by Nicholas and Darrell. Both Nicholas and Darrell were easy to work with, gave us good ideas and suggestions during the design stage and were prompt in rectifying the proposed drawings. The renovation was also personally supervised by Nicholas and Darrell which made communication a lot easier since they understood our design requirements. The team had been accommodating to our requirements and were very responsive to last minute change requests during entire period. Although there were some hiccups during the final renovation and moving-in stage causing certain moments of inconvenience which we felt could be avoided, the team managed to work thru efficiently and completed the project as scheduled. Rectification works were also done promptly and quality of works are commendable.

We also engaged Eight Design for the reinstatement works of our old office. Despite some challenges faced with building management during the reinstatement stage, Nicholas and Darrell tried their best to fulfil these requirements and even got their team to work overtime so that we can hand over the unit in time to the landlord’s satisfaction. We would like to thank Nicholas and Darrell for all their hard work and effort and would certainly recommend to use them for future projects.

Carrie Chan


Aaron suggested designs that are suitable for us and gave constructive feedback.

The workers are efficient and responsible. Most importantly, the workmanship is good and workers are friendly too. Overall the kitchen and toilet was completed within a week and the aaron was prompt in responding to our requests as well.

We are very satisfied and happy with our experience with Eight Design and would recommend anyone to engage them in future!

Elle Ng

“518 Woodlands”

I’m very happy and satisfied with the job rendered by Linda. With a full and major house renovation, she has been very helpful and patience throughout the entire journey till completion. Problems do arise but Eight Design was able to solve it with professionalism. We are happy with the cooperation and quality provided, and will definitely recommend to others. Keep it up the good work!!


“Everything was Beyond our expectation.”

I don’t usually write reviews but I won’t do Ivan Lau of Eight design justice otherwise. I give my highest recommendation to Ivan – not only is he tasteful with elegant, modern and thoughtful interior ideas, he provides impeccable service throughout the entire process and I am most grateful for his patience – I cannot thank him enough. I have worked with Ivan on both corporate and residential projects and I am so Glad he was the designer and project manager. It was completely stress free Everything was Beyond our expectation. Go to Ivan and you will not regret. Thank you so much Ivan.

Vanessa Chou

“Best Interior Designers”
After looking around and meeting many Interior Designers, we chose the duo (Waikit and Chin Hao) from Eight Design.
We are so glad we made the absolute right choice. They were very patient and great support from start to finish. Their ideas and creativity is brilliant. Their suggestions were very handy when we had to decide various material. All the work finished within the timelines given, some even sooner. We couldnt have found anyone better. Thank you Waikit and CH (Eight Design).


“Great overall experience!”
A heartfelt thanks to Mr Ryan Chong from Eight Design who had shown great professionalism throughout the entire renovation process. Besides being responsive to all our requests, he patiently ensured that all tiny details were fine-tuned and did his best to fulfill the perfectionism in us. His amiable personality further enhanced our overall experience. The workmanship of the furnishing is of good quality as well and had met our expectations in various aspects. Will definitely recommend Eight Design!


“Highly recommended “8 Designs” for their professionalism & commitment”
Our specially thanks to Mr. Ryan Chong from 8 Designs Studios at Paya Lebar Branch for his great services, professionalism and meticulous work throughout the whole project. My 2 thumbs up to his swift responsiveness, commitment and timely co-ordination from beginning of the quotation stage throughout the whole project. During the design proposal stage, Ryan has showed patiently to listen to our ideas and needs to work towards compromises within our budget. The project was swiftly executed within the given deadline. Also, what really impressed me was his commitment to follow up closely even after a lapse of 8 months he still make many attempts to rectified all the minor defects workmanship. This really shown his professionalism and a reliable person.
Overall the project, I will give a score A++ to 8 Designs especially for the carpentry and plumbing works. I liked the texture of the wood and finishing works. Its bring the house very spacious, bright and very neat. Once again, my sincere appreciation to Ryan for his good job!

I will highly recommended of his excellent service to our friends or other families in future.

Daniel Lim

“Pleasant Experience”
We engaged Chin Hao and Ethan as our interior designer. After consulting several IDs, we felt that Chin Hao is very patient with going through quotations even when we went down a few times to discuss about it. I like his design for my place and how he delivers his promise to renovate my place within the given time period and the renovation is ideal. As for Ethan, he is a really nice and good tempered guy that provides advice on what kind of tiles, etc is suitable for my kitchen and toliet. Ethan always make time and accompany me to buy the materials needed for the place. I would highly recommend both of them as IDs if you’re looking for great act of service and quality design.


“I love my scandi minimalist house!”
Thank you Eight Design Pte Ltd! Khai was fantastic. He made our house practical for our everyday life and we could not be more ecstatic with the results! His top priority was making sure we loved the home and had a stress-free experience. Our house is everything we have ever wanted and more. I definitely cried happy tears when I saw the end result. Khai kept us updated every step of the way and truly listened to our design wants and needs. He completely catered to our style and schedule. Thanks to him we feel confident in our choices.


“Excellent home renovation services”
Designer and project manager – Silei

Silei took the ownership to manage all our needs, working very closely with us on the details of designing and renovating our condominium. We confirmed that he had lifted the image of this company and help their customers with creative solutions. It was a great experience and we will definitely go back to Silei for future projects! Thanks for your great support!

Regards, KC Lim

Kc Lim

“Good service”
Overall the service was professional and good. The designer was very patient to understand our request and propose his solution. When we asked changes, he was quick to give alternative solutions. There were some issues raised but were all solved with good communications. They also provide good following up service. When there are minor issues, they would ask contractor to come and fix for you in time


“Overall good experience in a disturbing ID world”
My wife and I had a lot of issues with our first ID when we bought our first home.
The first ID firm left a huge mess in our home and engaging other firms were quite tedious as they never seemed to have offered appropriate solutions to the current problems and improvement plans.
That was until we engaged Chin Hao from Eight Designs.
Thanks to his patience and ability to listen and approach our problems and suggestions with utmost professionalism we were able to accomplish the job. That was a breath of fresh air in an ID world where a lot of these ID peeps are narrow minded and do not open their minds to their clientele wishes and dreams.
I would highly suggest Eight designs and especially Chin Hao if you are seeking someone who can deliver what you wish!!


“Highly recommended”
I was recommended by my friends
Who have done her house renovation by judy.
Our first meeting with judy we are very impressed with her professionalism and creative design.
She is very patient and she understand our needs for our dream house. So she try to work out within our budget .
We have gone for few IDs and finally we decided to go with judy as we like her design very much and the price are reasonable compare to others IDs.
We have very pleasant and smooth journey throughout the whole renovation together with judy as she have keeps update us on the work progress and also provide us project schedule .
We definitely will recommend her to our relative ,friends and anyone who want to do house renovation.
Thank you judy.:)

Fen & jie

Amanda Chan

“Eight Design (one of their) ID, Ms. Nurul”
I did not want to hire an ID company at first, preferring to do everything myself due to cost considerations. However, my wife kept showing me pictures of a few very nice homes that she found online. She said Eight Design’s designs (among other ID firms) are good. I was impressed too and so contacted them. Ms. Nurul got back to us (our online query) very quickly, almost immediately within hours. It turns out – to our pleasant surprise along the way – that 4 out of the 6 designs that my wife said she likes were designs done by Ms. Nurul herself! Our unit’s layout does not seem easy to design (it is a ground-floor, 4 bedroom unit and two of the rooms are very small). Ms. Nurul gave us great advice, suggestions, and drawings and patiently tweaked the little details until the final drawings (for various parts of the home) looked awesome. She is an immensely talented ID. Along the way I learnt that she is highly experienced with numerous completed projects in her portfolio accumulated over the years. She is very patient, and I’m grateful for that because we kept changing our selections of materials, finding everything “nice”. She would guide us to what she thinks is the best choice, and would frankly tell us if she agrees or disagrees with our random ideas. In the end, my kids were very happy with their rooms, which did not seem so small after the renovation. My wife and I are very happy with the final design and renovation of the apartment. Thank you, Ms. Nurul!

Kenneth Gui

“Tatami Room Space Saving With Storage”
Last year, i have short listed few design companies to renovate for my EC. The unit was small without storeroom which was my biggest concern as I like the flat to look neat n spacious.
Among few of the designers I met, their presentation was ordinary and normal which doesn’t attract my interest. Till i met Sophia Tiang from Eight Design Pte Ltd.
I was fortunate that Eight Design selected Sophia to do the entired design and renovation.
I loved the design, that make my unit look spacious and with storage. Every of renovation was handled by her, a very creative, responsible, very patient coordinating with the contractors. I’m very thankful to Sophia Huang for saving me alot of time and the price reasonable, infact none of my brain cells being killed. i would have sleepless night to worry about the renovation.
The Tatami room with cabinet n storage that most of my friends n relatives giving lots of good comments. I will definitely recommend it to anyone who want to have a super impressed design to look for Sophia Tiang from Eight Design.

Jen Wong

“Professional service of Sophia from Eight Design”
Last year December, we had engaged Eight Design to do renovation for our toilets & kitchen. Sophia had done very good jobs, for her selflessness and dedicated to ensure the jobs is on schedule, without compromising the quality.
We are very satisfy with the workmanship, .as well as the services she had rendered. Her design is also very impressive and we received many good comments from relatives & friends who visited our house.
Sophia is a good worker & hard working person. She is also a talented designer. We are glad that we had her designed and managed our house renovation

Alex Hew

“Great and Awesome ID”
I would like to take the opportunity to extend my heartfelt to thanks Nurul and Eight Design for such an excellent renovation for making sure our small abode turns to a dream house.
I remember consulting Nurul with no concepts/theme but with only request of having white and wood interior for the house. With only that as a head start, Nurul have been attentive towards us nd sharing her creative ideas and eventually able to execute a better 3D drawings for us to imagine.
Throughout the renovation process, Nurul also make sure that we understand and choose the best quality for the house and making sure everything goes on schedule.
Words can never be enough to thank Nurul, for being patience and understanding throughout our renovation. And the best feeling is definitely when family and friends would compliment our house. With this I will recommend Eight Design and Thank you once again, Nurul.


“A Beyond All Praise Experience”
Since I spend a large part of my day at home, I really wanted a versatile space where my family and I can express ourselves together, our favourite monthly and yearly activity is to go on a holiday whenever we have the opportunity arises, from all the memories created while travelling, we decided to create the same atmosphere in the comfort of our own home!

A relaxation resort holiday by the beach has always been our top favourite, with that concept in mind and Nurul’s elaborated idea that she depict just from our descriptions, our resort-styled home transport us to another place and provide respite from all the hustle-bustle daily routine.

To create a calming atmosphere for relaxation, we told Nurul to incorporate several wood carpentry for the touch of a resort. To maximize space, Nurul suggested on building carpentries work with hidden storage, our concept and her ideas really blends together! With a small sqm to work with, she managed to create storage at every corner of our house and we definitely have plenty room for storage just right for a family of four!

An ID everyone would love to work with, frequently updating us on the progression of our home, she’s very professional with her projects and deliver her utmost best to each and every client! You don’t have to worry as long as Nurul is your ID, her credibility and efforts enable us to have a beautiful home, thank you Nurul!


“My Home – Watertown”
We would like to thank Carin for the design you have given to us. Workmanship was awesome and renovation was done up on time.

Carin has been helpful and patience with our wilful ideas despite having so much editing till 5th drawing. 🙂

What most important was she manage to came out with the idea of allowing our lovely Furry pet dog to move around freely even with aircon on at the master bed room.

The additional of curtain hung at the door allows us not to close the door with the aircon on! Brilliant idea you have. Thumbs up for that.

We love our cozy home with the classic looks that we are looking for. Thank you for taking time to choose the furniture sets with us.

Your follow-up was superb and even send your carpenter down on the same day just to rectify some minor problem that was due to my negligence.


Our dream home came true.


“My warm nest done by Eight Design Pte Ltd”
To begin with , I’m introduced to Carin from Eight Design Pte Ltd back in 2012 by a Friend of mine.

Back then, Carin don’t even have an ID showroom , she came to me with hard copy design artworks of my possible house design back then,paint, laminate, samples etc on her own, with her humble little car.

She went extra mile bringing me personally to electrical appliances shops and lots of places etc hunting for items that are short for to complete my first dream nest .

A few points to take note :
1) Design fee is reasonable
2) Under promise over deliver
3) Responsible , Responsive and Reliable
4) Professional , Proactive and perfectionist with work

Below some pictures of the nice work done by Carin & dedicated Tea

Please note completion date is :
May 2012 below selection I can’t put in the right date .

Sean Kwan

“Provided us with good ideas”
Our Interior designer Nurul had a good ideas with an eye for details. We got frequent updates on the status of the home renovation with pictures. Have to appraise her for her patience and professionalism as we believe we are one of the most fussy and difficult customer. She accommodates all our request and is very sincere in giving her opinion. Overall we were very satisfied. Although there were some minor glitch and issue, it is considered normal and she managed to solve it soonest possible. We highly recommended her.

Muhd Paris

A heartfelt thanks to Mr Ryan Chong from Eight Design who had shown great professionalism throughout the entire renovation process. Besides being responsive to all our requests, he patiently ensured that all tiny details were fine-tuned and did his best to fulfill the perfectionism in us. His amiable personality further enhanced our overall experience. The workmanship of the furnishing is of good quality as well and had met our expectations in various aspects. Will definitely recommend Eight Design!

Mary Goh

My husband and I would like to compliment the exceptional service provided by 2 of your designers, Vivien and Kelvin. Both of them have spent great effort in transforming our home into the ideal home we had always wanted.

I always believe that communication is of utmost importance when it comes to renovating a house. And with regards to that, Vivien has been very attentive to our requirements and she was always there for our questions or requests. There was not once where she left our questions unanswered, even when my husband calls her late at night to ask her about the renovations. I believe her patience and professionalism is a benchmark for all. While Kelvin was really accommodating when we were deciding the design of our house. As new home owners, we were really fickle minded in our choices and we greatly appreciate the guidance he has provided with regards to the design and selection of materials. Working with the both of them has made this journey less stressful and worrisome for us.

We are very thankful for their meticulous work and we hope that this review will be helpful as the both of them deserved this totally. Keep up with the good work! Thank you.

– Samuel & Ariel

CheeMei Ariel

Overall, my family and I are very satisfied with Eight Deisgn’s work. They provided us with insights and valuable interior design ideas. We are impressed by their professionalism in handling the tasks at hand and they offered us superior service too. Their services are highly recommended by us.

Chua Wei Cong

I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge and appreciate the service that my designer Nurul Huda has provided to my family.

Nurul has shown professionalism and excellent service in her work. She took the extra steps and time to visit our house, constant updates on our wardrobe design, accommodating to our last minute request and ensuring that the final 3D drawing is as per our ideal design before the commencement of the actual work.

Exceeding the customer satisfaction by providing extra services and guidance in choosing our wardrobe design and material really meant a lot and we were truly grateful to have met her as our ID. There was no hard selling and instead, she caters to our needs and patiently listen and guide us along the way.

Your service was full of smiles that made us fill at home. The quality service that we received was more than anything that the customer is looking for. Looking forward to have you design for my future home.

Please continue to keep up the good work in your organization.

Once again, we thank you for all your hard work and efforts during these period of time. Thank you very much, Nurul ^^

Vanessa Lim

We engaged Nicole as our ID and we have no regrets at all!!

Here are 5 reasons why we are extremely satisfied with our experience:

(1) Not Pushy
Compared to other IDs, we can sense their only goal is to squeeze more money out of us. We feel judged by them when we told them our budget (which is not too high). When Nicole came to meet us at our house, she was patient and was sincere about understanding our needs and not pushing for expensive stuff.

(2) Sincere about helping us to get great Value
Knowing that we don’t have much budget to splurge, she tried to help us cut down unnecessary costs and we can feel her sincerity at every point of our transaction e.g. shopping for toilet accessories, deciding whether to add a piece of new design etc. We trust that she is sincere about helping us build our dream house with the budget that we have.

(3) Patient
She took our feedback patiently and did not show any signs of unprofessionalism. When we wanted a change of design etc. she helped us execute without complain.

(4) Managing Conflict Well
Conflicts were unavoidable e.g. misunderstanding about costs, unforeseen circumstances etc. – however, she managed to resolve conflicts well by being sincere about understanding our problem and giving us her thoughts reasonably. She tried her best to compensate our frustration by giving add-ons for us like a few inches of carpentry etc. for free. At the end, we felt that we are able to go to sleep at night without feeling pissed off.

(5) Great sense of Design
She made a few design choices that initially we were unsure about, but we’re glad that we opted for it! With those additions, our house felt a lot more cosy! We can research the entire internet, but having a designer who can customise design to our house is extremely valuable.

Before the renovation project started, we’ve heard many nightmares with ID – taking money and running away, IDs breaking down and gave up project half way, etc. but working with Nicole has helped us understood the true value of a good ID: expert advice on design, HUGE time saver (all coordination work), and a neutral third party when husband and wives quarrel over a decision (e.g. easier to vote with 3 persons vs 2 lol).

We would definitely recommend you to engage Nicole!

Jensen Tan

The co-ordinator I worked with Silei, was extremely patient and helpful. He was accommodating even though we changed our minds about certain items.

Edmund Loh

My dream home becomes a reality thanks to my designer, Nurul. She listened well to my fickle minded designs and ideas, after which she worked around it to make it even better. She gave a lot of ideas and recommendations to make sure the design worked for us; as I usually bring work back home. She will frequently update us on the progress and send pictures to ensure that all is proper.

As a person, she is funny and approachable. What started as a client – ID, now we became friends; sharing jokes etc. Even after completion of the renovation, we still keep in contact and I still ask her opinion. Her service goes way beyond and I would very much recommend my friends and families to her. Thank you Nurul Huda.

Nico Raddy

Silei from Eight Design has done a great job for my renovation. He would give very practical and sincere advices as we had no experiences and knowledge on how to start our renovation. Among a few design companies, we chose Eight Design in the end mostly because of him. He responds very fast and round the clock regarding our concerns and he planed schedule within my timeline. He’s a highly recommended ID.

Syaheed Abdul Aziz

I’ll like to give my thanks and compliments to designers Xavier and Dennis. They had always been very responsive to our questions, accommodating to our time, and our feedback to the designs proposed.

Especially to Xavier, overall he managed the renovation very well and the work was completed on schedule. He also worked with the contractors to rectify the hiccups in the renovation works. He will be on top of every matter raised even during progress of works. We were able to move in on time primarily due to his constant follow up and rapport with the contractors.

Much appreciated.

Andrew Ong

Prior to our house renovation, we search almost the entire island to find a designer that we can click with and trust. The search ended when we met Kelvin from 8 Design. Kelvin didn’t just renovate. He patiently and skilfully transformed our bare house to a cosy home. Thanks Kelvin! It has been a nice experience working on our transformation project. Will definitely recommend our friends to 8 design – so long as you are there. 

Tan Chin Chong

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