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Office Interior Design & Renovation Contractor in Singapore

Searching for an Office Interior Designer Singapore?

We are committed to helping you bring your new office design to life. Our design build team will personally supervise your renovation projects to ensure that every detail of your office interior design is flawlessly executed.

With over 20 years of experience in commercial interior design, our professional interior designers adapt quickly to any changes you need and also on great usage of commercial space. We make the experience of renovating your new office space a stress-free one so that your project is completed on time at a competitive price.

Our team does not make promises that we cannot deliver on. Your design is our responsibility – and we continue to be available even after the project is completed for any additional maintenance work you need for your office interior design.

Types of Office Interior Design Works We Do

Here are some of the types of office interior design that we perform for clients.

Office Renovation Contractor

After understanding your requirements and needs, our professional team selects materials, flooring and wall design in an integrated office interior design to create the best user experience. Our team also performs painting, ceiling and flooring work, installs blinds and can help you get Minor Additional Alteration (MAA) certificates.

Office Space Planning

We maximize your office space and ensure that users can work efficiently, while ensuring that your office has the rooms and facilities it needs to function. Our team can also perform partitioning work and sprinkler installation and relocation to help you reorganize your space.

Office Reinstatement

If you are renting your space, we also do office reinstatement work so you can customise your office interior design with peace of mind and avoid headaches during handovers.

Carpentry Work

As a design build contractor, we have an in-house carpentry team to create custom office furniture that fits in seamless with your office interior design.

Electrical Work

We provide electrical work including data and telephone cabling and installation of door access systems. Our team also has the Licensed Electrical Work (LEW) endorsement for your electrical needs.

Get A Respected Office Renovation & Reinstatement Contractor

We have worked with numerous different clients, each with varying needs that have to be met by the office their team works in. Whether you have new offices that you want to customise, or the property needs to be returned to its original condition once the lease has ended, our finest office renovation contractors will provide you and your business with a first-class workplace that meets and exceeds all your expectations.

Office Interior Design Company: Expertly Combining Form & Function

While we focus on practicality, our service is not just about how you use the space — we strive to complete each and every job with an underlying emphasis on your values and culture as an organisation, so that you and your staff can work in an environment that is ideal for you. From your core vision to the minor details, our office reinstatement, renovation and interior design company in Singapore is committed to putting your interests first and leaving you 100% satisfied with our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about our Office Interior Design Company

How much does it cost to design an office interior?

Prices vary depending on the project scope and materials desired. If you’re an interested client, you can contact us here to receive a free quote.

How experienced are your Interior Designers?

Our Interior Design Office has 20 years of experience in the field, and our established professionals are skilled in every step of the process. Customers are sure to be satisfied by the expertise of our team. We’re with you the whole way, and handle material selection, office space planning, and even offer reinstatement works after the process is complete.

Does Eight Design offer customisation options for office furniture?

Yes, we have an in-house carpentry team to help you redesign furniture as needed. Upon request, we’ll ensure that your furniture is a good fit for your office aesthetic.

Can Eight Design handle electrical work and cabling?

Yes, we’re licensed to do so, and have a Licensed Electrical Work (LEW) endorsement. We can provide data and telephone cabling, door access systems, and general electric wiring works.

Will Eight Design provide maintenance services?

Yes. Even after the project is complete, we can return for additional services you may need, including repairs and ongoing maintenance of office facilities.

What sets Eight Design apart from other Office Renovation Contractors in Singapore?

Our firm prides itself in practicality, accountability, and dedication. We make sure to deliver on promises, and pay close attention to the client’s core vision of the workspace, in order to create a workspace that fits the office identity. We put the customer’s interest first, and have decades of experience in interior design, allowing us to deliver exceptional results.

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