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Creativity, practicality and versatility have been at the centre of our services for more than 15 years. By balancing form and function with exceptional skill, we work on a huge range of residential and commercial projects including anything from small renovations to large scale transformations. With a broad range of dynamic solutions available, Eight Design is the firm of choice in Singapore with extensive expertise in HDB (Housing and Development Board) and BTO (Build to Order) flat renovation.

Space Layout and Planning

Interior designers typically analyse your space and draw up a plan that designates zones and the activities that take place in that zone. It also shows how people will move through your entire living space to ensure that they can move efficiently and naturally.

We consider the rooms you would like to have such as a home gym, study or gaming room and create a functional space even if the area you have is limited. We ensure the rooms that you expect to use the most will be the most functional and comfortable. For example, if you love entertaining in your kitchen, your interior design could center on the kitchen. If you prefer lounging in your living room and unwinding with the latest movies or TV dramas, your living room would naturally be the focus.

Good interior design can make life easier for you by allowing you to move quickly between your kitchen and living room if you frequently host gatherings, or place your home office near the bathroom if you mainly work from home.

3D Design Mockup

Our Singapore interior design company provides 3D design mockups so that you can visualise your home and provide detailed input about the features and materials you would like to have. Our designers also can effectively express their design ideas through the 3D mockups so you can provide feedback.

We ensure the final 3D design reflects your dream home and our designers provide expert suggestions and recommendations to refine your design

Painting Services

Choosing the colours of your walls can be an additional burden on top of all the other design choices you need to make when it comes to your new home. We offer painting services to ensure that we can flawlessly execute your dream interior design and save you the trouble of managing painters separately.

Turn your HDB house into a home

Our team shares a passion for design and has helped shaped the modern industry into what it is today. We will help you gain a new perspective on how you use your living space and will go above and beyond your expectations as your fully licensed Singapore HDB renovation contractor and interior designer. Have a browse through our portfolio to see examples of our previous work and get a better idea of what we can help you achieve.

Offering dynamic services as a HDB contractor

We understand that each and every job is unique, which is why we will approach your home with a fresh mind and aim for a unique and personal result. Regardless of your budget or practical needs, our HDB renovation contractors will meet all your requirements and turn your unremarkable flat into a warm and welcoming family home. Whatever your circumstances may be, we will help you manage the entire renovation process and ensure our HDB interior design services are nothing but the best.

Types of HDB Flats We Specialise In

Our Singapore interior designers specialise in renovating the following types of HDB flats. We are known for our affordable pricing and timely delivery, and are fully committed to bring your dream home design to life.

Carpentry Workmanship

We have an in-house carpentry team that works with your HDB interior designer to craft custom furniture that fits in perfectly with the overall interior design and transforms your home to a vibrant space for work and play. If you’re looking for earthy elements in your interior design, our highly skilled carpenters can customise furniture for you and incorporate your requirements into the design such as additional storage.

HDB BTO renovation

Effective interior design can make even the smallest BTO spaces look more spacious and clean. We work with you to transform your BTO flat into a unique and vibrant space that meets your needs and grows with you as you settle into newlywed life and possibly look to start a family.

We can handle your requirements whether you have a 2-room BTO, 3-room BTO or a 4-room BTO. BTO flats typically come unfurnished, and you may be looking for help to fill up the empty space and creating a cosy and homely atmosphere. A good design can ensure your space is functional and easy to maintain, which can also increase the future resale value of your new BTO.

HDB resale flat renovation

Depending on the condition of your HDB resale flat, an interior designer can help you refresh the design of older or poorly-maintained flats to create a modern and contemporary space customised to your needs. We can also re-design HDB flats even if they are well-maintained to your ideal space so that you can feel at home.

You can also opt to only renovate certain rooms such as the bathroom, kitchen or specific bedrooms. We can help you re-design your rooms while ensuring that they fit in seamlessly with the rest of the house, whether you are living in a 2-room, 3-room, 4-room or 5-room resale flat.

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