HDB 4-Room Renovation: 5 Affordable Looks For Your Dream Home

HDB 4-Room Renovation: 5 Affordable Looks For Your Dream Home

August 16

Renovating a 4-room HDB flat can be both exciting and daunting. More and more first-time house owners are finding themselves moving in for the first time, and it can be overwhelming to work with a contractor and build your dream home. A significant portion of people find themselves having regrets after they've moved in. Whether they're left with improper storage space or an aesthetic they weren't satisfied with, renovation regrets are ever-present.

That's why at Eight Design, we seek to help you build your dream home and get it right the first time! Our expert design team has experience working on all types of HDBs, and we have a good grasp on the overall aesthetic a new home needs.

Interior Design Aesthetics For HDBs and BTO Flats

As a professional Interior Design Service, Eight Design offers a range of popular aesthetics. We can provide a 4-room BTO renovation service, that lets you can take your pick from some of the most popular interior styles out there. Here are some past examples that you can take inspiration from when carrying out the renovation process!

Modern Contemporary

Modern Contemporary Living Room
Modern Contemporary Kitchen
Modern Contemporary Open concept kitchen
Modern Contemporary Master Bedroom

The Modern Contemporary style is simple and elegant. Our interior designers make use of neutral colours and clean, sleek lines, helping to make a cosy home that maximises the available space for that 21st-century look!

Minimalistic furniture piece are used to keep the focus on the open spaces. We make sure that the kitchen space and dining area have an airy ambience, with plenty of natural light, trendy fixtures like track lighting, and the same shade of pleasant white and beige.

This approach exudes sophistication without compromising comfort, making it ideal for homeowners who want both style and functionality in their living space.


Industrial Design living room
Industrial Design for master bedroom
Industrial Design bathroom
Industrial Design wardrobe

The Urban Industrial style has plenty of dark colours, with brick and concrete textures finding their way into the decor. This aesthetic is inspired by the visual cues of old factories and industrial spaces, hence the name. It's characterised by a bold, robust look with a focus on mixed materials, often incorporating elements such as exposed brick walls, metal accents, and unfinished wood.

You'll find your master bedroom just as comfortable as any other. The rugged, vintage look adds a ton of character to the HDB, and is a modern aesthetic that shows off the bare-bones of a home. It's a unique look that'll give your whole home a studio vibe.


Scandinavian Dining room and dining table
Scandinavian design Master bedroom
Scandinavian living room design
Scandinavian bedroom design

Scandinavian interior design focuses on simplicity and functionality, like modern contemporary. It often makes use of clean lines, muted colours, and light wood finishes. The Scandinavian aesthetic focuses on creating an inviting atmosphere using warm lighting as a key element.

In a 4-room HDB, space is limited, and the minimalistic Scandinavian design makes sure that you're left with plenty of it. The floor plan avoids clutter and focuses on key pieces of furniture that make the whole room pop out.

The wood grains in your furniture choice bring an earthy feel to your home, and a Scandinavian aesthetic is warm and inviting from the very first glance.


Japandi living room
Japandi bedroom with bright lighting
Japandi style flooring
Japandi bathroom

Japandi is a blend of Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetics. This contemporary design makes a living space that's serene, ordered, and filled with natural elements.

The key to achieving this look is maintaining balance—minimalism shouldn't equate to starkness or lack of personality. Muted colour schemes dominate Japandi interiors, with soft neutrals providing a soothing backdrop. Nature-inspired hues can become focal points, adding splashes of colour to your home.

Light-coloured wood grains often feature prominently in furniture choices, while space-saving furniture pieces ensure each room serves its purpose without being overcrowded. The thoughtful use of lighting further enhances the calming atmosphere inherent in Japandi designs, where large windows invite ample natural lighting into decluttered spaces.


Modern master bedroom
Modern bedroom
Modern Bedroom

Just looking for a classic, comfy style? We can cover that too! A modern-day theme integrates your chosen colour palette into the furniture and paint, making a natural-looking home that's perfectly ordinary, and perfectly comfortable.

For couples with children, having a modern look for their rooms helps to preserve a timeless appeal that doesn't get outdated even as they get older. Neutral but trendy furniture choices help to preserve the aesthetic.

The Perfect Home Renovation with Eight Design

HDB 4-room Renovation by expert interior designer

Whichever style you'd like for your home, we at Eight Design are able to help you achieve it. Our team handles the whole process, from picking the right materials to customising furniture. We've worked with numerous clients to completely overhaul their BTO and resale flats, and you can view our past works here!

Don't end up with regrets when renovating your HDB. Contact us today to begin your renovation journey, and let us transform your space into the home of your dreams.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Our HDB Renovation Services

How much does an HDB Renovation project cost?

The renovation cost varies depending on the project scope and materials desired. If you're an interested client, you can contact us here to receive a free quote that fits within your budget.

How long does it take to renovate a 4-Room HDB?

Renovating a 4-room HDB flat can take anywhere from 6 to 12 weeks, depending on the scale of the renovation and the complexity of the design. Factors such as demolishing walls, installing new fixtures, and coordinating with contractors can impact the timeline.

Be sure to confirm the timeline with your renovation contractor. Remember that delays may occur due to unforeseen circumstances or changes in design plans, so it's always good to leave some buffer time in your schedule.

How experienced are your Interior Designers?

Our Interior Design Office has 11 years of experience in the field, and our established professionals are skilled in every step of the process. Customers are sure to be satisfied by the expertise of our team. We're with you the whole way, and handle material selection and residential space planning.

Does Eight Design offer customisation options for furniture?

Yes, we have an in-house carpentry team to help you redesign furniture as needed. Upon request, we'll ensure that your furniture is a good fit for your aesthetic, in both residential and commercial properties.

Can Eight Design handle electrical work and cabling?

Yes, we're licensed to do so, and we have a Licensed Electrical Work (LEW) endorsement. We can provide data and telephone cabling, door access systems, and general electric wiring works.

Will Eight Design provide maintenance services?

Yes. Even after the project is complete, our top-notch renovation contractors can return for additional services you may need, including repairs and ongoing maintenance of amenities.

What makes Eight Design one of the Best Renovation Contractors in Singapore?

Our firm prides itself on practicality, accountability, and dedication. We make sure to deliver on our promises, and pay close attention to the client's core vision for an aesthetically pleasing home or office.

Our expert interior designers put the customer's interest first, and have decades of experience in interior design, allowing us to deliver exceptional results and serve as one of the best interior designers in Singapore.